A tourist visa to Sweden has a maximum term of 90 days. If you have been visa in Schengen area for 90 days within the last 180 days, you cannot extend tourist visa. Instead of applying for a tourist visa extension, apply for a residence permit to visit relatives - Visa extension to Sweden in Hai Phong

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a. Time of renewal application.
Visa extension to Sweden in Hai Phong - The application will be sent out before the end of the tourist visa deadline
b. Conditions for visa extension
- You have a good personal reason: loved one needs help, loved one is sick….
- The reason for the situation is not what you want: lost your passport, bad weather ... ..
- Have a valid passport
- There are other reasons such as medical treatment, or research investment ....
- Never overdue in Sweden
- Never broke the law in Sweden
c. The application includes:
- Copy of passport of visa holder. Passport must be long term
d. residence permit to visit relatives
In case you have had a 90-day tourist visa within the last 180 days, you do not apply for a visa extension, you need to apply for a residence permit to visit relatives. Profile include
- Application for residence permit to visit the child's body code 164011 is code 166011. This application code can be found on the web of immigration
- Family information form under code 238011
- Bank account statement proving you have money to use in Sweden
- Round-trip ticket
- Pay 1000 kr for adults and 500 kr for children. Closed upon application and payable by debit card only.
e. How to apply
- You apply to the nearest immigration office. Note set time before coming.
f. Fees
- Adults 1000kr / person
- Children 500kr / person
g. Responsibilities of the Immigration Department
- When you have submitted your application, the immigration department will accept it and consider it
- Application processing time depends on the work of the immigration department, the case manager, and the application you submit.
- If your application is sent after your visa has expired. you have to return home
- The immigration department will issue a decision after reviewing the application. And send this decision to you. If your application for an uncle's visit is accepted, you will be issued a residence card, which will be sent to you within 1 week.
h. Your Responsibility
- Prepare a complete application, send it to the immigration department
- Payment of the filing fee.
- Supplement documents if requested by the Immigration Department
- You must prepare to leave Sweden if you refuse

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