You are planning to come to Bulgaria to travel, visit or seek opportunities to cooperate and do business but you know too little information about visa entry to this country? Wondering how to apply for a visa to come here, where to apply, how much does it cost or how long will it take to get a Bulgaria visa? - Visa extension to Bulgaria in Hai Phong

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1. Where to apply for a Bulgaria visa?
Currently in Vietnam, the Bulgarian Embassy is the agency competent to receive and process visa applications for Vietnamese citizens. The address of this agency is No. 5 Nui Truc, Van Phuc Diplomatic Area, Giang Vo, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi.
2. How long does it take to apply for a Bulgaria visa?
Visa extension to Bulgaria in Hai Phong - Usually, it takes 2 weeks for the Embassy to review your Bulgarian visa application if your application is complete and correct. However, in some specific cases such as shortcomings, errors in the documents, the visa application processing time may be longer. Therefore, you need to pay special attention and be careful in the process of preparing your visa application if you do not want to wait too long.
3. When should I apply for a visa to Bulgaria?
About the time of submission, you should base on the time you plan to depart to Bulgaria to prepare the application accordingly. As mentioned above, it will take about 2 weeks to apply for a visa, but it may take longer, you should calculate carefully so that you do not miss your job.
The best advice is to apply for a visa when you are sure to have prepared the complete visa application form as required. Once you have prepared your profile well, the visa approval process will take place more smoothly and quickly.
4. How much is Bulgaria visa application fee?
When applying for a Bulgaria visa, you will have to pay a fee called the visa fee. This fee can be paid in VND, converted at the current exchange rate in Euro at the time you apply for a visa.
After paying the fee, the Embassy staff will give you the receipt of payment and an appointment to return the visa results. You keep these 2 types of paper and present it when you get the visa result at the Embassy according to the appointment letter

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