Visa extension to Poland in Hai Phong

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1. Procedures for extending Vietnam visa for Poles entering Vietnam are specified in these documents
The following legal version - Visa extension to Poland in Hai Phong
Ordinance No. 24/1999 / PL-UBTVQH 10 on entry, exit and residence of nationals outside in Vietnam.
- Decree No. 21 / ND_CP detailing the implementation of the immigration ordinance, exit and residence of foreigners in Vietnam.
- Joint Circular 01/2012 Amending and Supplementing Joint Circular No. 04/2002 / TTLT / BCA-BNG dated January 29, 2002 and Joint Circular No. 05/2009 / TTLT / BCA-BNG dated 12/5/2009 of the Ministry of Public Security - Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the field entry and exit
- Decision of the Minister of Finance No. 136/1999 / QD-BTC dated 10/11/1999 tariff rates for entry, exit, transit and residence in Vietnam.
2. Subjects granted visas to Vietnam:
Polish citizens are allowed to apply for a visa and extend a visa in Vietnam.
- Poles come to Vietnam to visit relatives;
- Poles enter Vietnam for the purpose of getting married
- Poles enter Vietnam for business and commercial activities
- Poles come to Vietnam to travel
- Foreign investor;
- Chief of representative office of government fee organizations;
- The lawyer has been licensed by the Ministry of Justice of Vietnam;
- Polish workers get a work permit. ...
3. Profile visa extension application for Poles (flexible profile depending on the purpose of coming to Vietnam such as: tourism, investment, business, labor)
- Passport of Poles
- Guest's temporary address.
4. Authorized agency to resolve (where to file): Immigration agency of the province or city or immigration department.
5. Time: Visa issuance is normally 5 working days in accordance with the law.
6. The state fee for the grant of visas for foreigners is $ 10-100 depending on each duration and type of visa.

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